Why Wasn't King Spencer Pratt At The VMAs?

We already showed ya pics of Lauren Conrad, Stephanie Pratt and Kristin Cavallari struttin' their stuff on the VMAs red carpet. So where was King Spencer during the biggest photo op of the year? At home with the wifey, natch. But don't worry -- Spence still managed to start up tons o' controversy from his couch by live-blogging the show on Twitter.

Not only did dude join the zillions of Twitterati (and, um, sitting U.S. Presidents) in slamming Kanye West for hijacking the mic, but he also dissed Green Day, poked fun at Lil Mama's surprise cameo and taunted LC about having to watch K-Cav present during the show.

So what exactly DID the royal Pratt have to say 'bout all the awards show action? After the jump, check out a few of his best one-liners. Team Taylor, y'all!

• "is Gaga sober? if so she is a very good actress!" 8:14 PM

• "Gaga knows how to get press!!! Gaga will get honory copy of speidi book How to be famous!" 8:15 PM

• "Damn [K-Cav] is already talking about the audrina beef!" 8:37 PM

• "crazy J LO was just a fly girl on in living color! once a Fly girl always a fly girl!" 8:55 PM

• "Beyonce is on the carpet in red boobs almost falling out front of dress wide open ..." 8:55 PM

• "i wanted pete wentz video [to] win ! who are green day? they were cool when i was in 6th grade?" 6:37 PM

• "nothing more annoying then old rockstars with mics" 9:37 PM

• "@charliewalk Beyonce better of paid kayne a couple hundred million for that stunt! he just lost America with taking out sweet swift!" 9:41 PM

• "Let's be very clear King Spencer would never do anything like what Kayne just did to a sweet soul like Taylor!" 9:48 PM

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