VIDEO: Is Whitney's New City Costar Naughty Or Nice?

It ain't easy being the new kid in town (or, in this case, The City), but Roxy Olin's determined to make her mark. The L.A. native, who first grabbed our attention back in July, showed up on Whitney Port's doorstep in the show's new trailer. And while we're looking forward to seeing more of her this fall (Roxy scored a job at People's Rev with Whit!), we're still not sure whether girl's a devoted pal -- or a total backstabber.

Since we've still got some time before Roxy's big City debut (new eps start Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 10:30pm), we thought we'd give her one more chance at a first impression. Forget all that shtuff in the trailer ('specially the part where Roxy kinda, sorta badmouths Whit to boss lady Kelly Cutrone) and check out what Whit's costar had to say for herself on the VMAs red carpet!

+ Want more Roxy/City action? Check out the show's new promo after the jump, then count down the days til Blondie (a.k.a. Elle PR Director Erin Kaplan) starts making Olivia Palermo's life a living hell ...