ABDCrews Visit Their Old Friend, Chuck E. Cheese!

For the past few weeks, the crews haven't had their usual day of rest (for various reasons stemming from production needs). And as Jack Nicholson says in The Shining, "All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy." But this past Friday, everyone finally got a chance to rewind the clock and rip it up at a local Chuck E. Cheese!

"We've done this every year now, and the crews always love it," ABDC's contestant manager Rithmaly Hay told me. "Just to be carefree and eat pizza is fun. It's nostalgic, too. I mean, when can you go to a place like this as an adult? They're able to be loud, eat together and act like children."

And speaking of kids, check out the sad one above in the blue shirt -- Josue and Miguel hogged the air hockey table all day!