Hot Shots: Jazmin's BFF Morgan Steals The Show!

Sure, Jazmin's the one who drew the designs, sewed the labels, coordinated the makeup/hair and sent the models down the runway (great job, btw!) -- but her BFF Morgan was there to offer help, hugs and heartfelt encouragement every step of the way. Not only did girl track down the "missing"  boots (who would've thought to look in the shoebox!?) but she even kept Jaz from freaking out with a pre-show prayer. And that flawless intro/post-show ("I love you!") pep talk had us wishing every girl had a Morgan!

Jazmin, you were obvs the star of the show tonight, but we wanted to give your bestie props for sticking by your side (and making you look so great!). Love the clothes, the attitude AND the teamwork. Let's hear it for Team Awesome!