Starmaker Poll: Do The Guys Need To Step It Up?

Competition doesn't always have to be cutthroat. And while we're not impressed by the girls' cattiness (enough with the Monet-bashing, ladies!), we're starting to wonder whether the guys are getting along a little TOO well. First, Omotayo gets all choked up over how much he loves his new Starmaker friends, then David lets Zach have "Stop and Stare" just cuz he kinda sorta looks like that dude from OneRepublic.

So do the guys deserve props for their sportsmanship? Or is it time they stopped acting like a team? Take our poll and tell us whether these boys are here to make friends -- or take home the title!

You tell is: Are the Starmaker guys in it to win it?

  • Yes. Hey, just cuz they're classy doesn't mean they're not serious!
  • No. Sorry, but if you're not out for blood, you're out of the running.