Starmaker's Zach: 'I Never Thought I Would Make It This Far'

Nice guys don't always finish first, as was the case tonight when Zach got the boot from the Starmaker stage. But don't feel sorry for him -- Zach says the experience of being on the show and performing on MTV was a dream come true! Below, check out Zach's update to see what kind of cool things he's been doing to further his music career...

When I first auditioned for Starmaker in downtown Manhattan, I never thought that I would make it this far. All this time later, I can only view the whole experience as a great honor.

Performing on MTV was a dream I’d had for as long as I can remember, and Starmaker turned that dream into a reality. For that, I thank Diddy and everyone else who gave me the chance to get out on the Starmaker stage in front of an incredible audience, the industry’s finest judges and a remarkably talented group of contestants. (Hi guys!)

Since the show, I released a brand new five-song EP called As Far As it Goes to go with the record I already had on iTunes. Watch for my new single, "Never Look Back," featured on ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It.

I’ve also been busy working on the production side of things, which is my second passion. This summer, I engineered and co-wrote the first two singles with Universal Republic recording artist Ron Pope, recorded the YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

Starmaker was a fantastic place to get my first taste of stardom, and if anything, it only whetted my appetite. I hope that as an artist, a producer and a writer, my hard work will lead to further success. Best of luck to the rest of the contestants.

See you all soon!