Are Audrina Patridge And LiLo Chasing After The Same Guy?

When Audrina Patridge's house was broken into back in February, the Hills star released the security tapes hoping someone might recognize the crooks. Well, apparently someone out there may have finally(!) ID'ed the perps. So who IS this good samaritan? Why, Lindsay Lohan, of course!

Apparently, the Mean Girls actress, whose own home was burglarized just last week, told police the guys who ripped her off "looked familiar." Even stranger? The LAPD actually agreed. After reviewing surveillance pix of both break-ins, the police noticed some similarities (i.e. same point-of-entry, near-identical disguise) between the two cases. And now, they think they might be looking at the same man for both crimes.

Assuming that IS the case (TMZ claims the cops are still investigating), there's good news for Audrina: Lindsay's almost positive the perp is someone she already knows.

"[I] know it was not a ROBBERY," Lindsay twittered earlier this week. "electronics weren't taken... just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me."

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