Bully Beatdown Poll: Was Brandon's 'I'm Sorry' Sincere?

During last night's episode of Bully Beatdown, we sat back and cheered as Brandon (a sledgehammerin' meathead) got destroyed by featherweight fighter Eddie Alvarez.

And while we're glad his victims got their redemption (Alex and Sean walked away with $10,000 and an apology from their longtime tormentor), we're not 100% sure Brandon's ready to give up bullying for good.

+ Think his post-fight apology was for realz? Or would he have said anything just to get out of that ring alive?

Take our poll and tell us whether Brandon's "I'm sorry" was sincere -- or too good to but true.

You tell us: Did Brandon finally learn his lesson?

  • Yes. All it took was a few swift kicks to the head!
  • No. Once a bully, always a bully ...