Fantasy Factory Poll: Does Megahorse Need A Drug Test?

It's not that we don't believe in Rob Dyrdek's ability to do the impossible. We were right there watching when he bought porn for his mom, glued to the screen for his shark attack and staring on in disbelief as dude installed an indoor zipline. But as far as we know, you can't learn to jockey a horse in less than a week. And when Rob and Megahorse soared past that finish line (in first place!) we could only come up with one explanation: that horse was juiced!

+ Think Megahorse should be tested for performance-enhancing drugs (a la A-Rod)? Or did Rob seriously out-race (out-canter?) the competition? Take our poll and tell us whether you think the Fantasy Factory frontman -- and his giant racehorse -- won it fair and square.

You tell us: Was Megahorse on the juice?

  • Yes. Totally. How else could they have won?
  • No way. Clearly, Rob Dyrdek's just a natural-born equestrian.

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