Real World's Featured Sex Act: Hot Or Not?

It's not like we're shocked by tonight's threesome. Hey, it happens. Not to us ... but normally to at least one Real World roommate per season. We are, however, a teensy bit surprised by said threesome's participating members: Ayiiia, Jonna and Pat. Sure, Pat's dumb luck has no limits -- dude truly lives a charmed life. But did you ever imagine Ayiiia and Jonna together? If anything, we would've predicted another roll in the hay between Ayiiia and Emily (and the taco-stand guy). But never in a million years did we see this one coming. Even Jonna herself wanted to do a takesiez-backsiez the following morning. (Nothing kills the mood like hangover and regret!)

What do you think? Was there anything sexy about watching Ayiiia plow her way into Jonna and Pat's love den, or was their menage just another perfect example of the housemates' many drunken mistakes? Take the poll and tell us: Was tonight's threesome hot, or soooo not?

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