So Long, Pat! Will Jonna Run Straight Back To Matt?

Canada's No. 1 DJ sure did clean up in Cancun. Not only did Pat score tons of camera time on the Real World (without even having to audition!), but he also managed to lure the hot-but-taken chick away from her obsessed loving bf and walk right into a threesome (with another hot-but-taken chick!). Then he fled the scene, no strings attached. Nice work for a guy with no personality and average looks.

Now that Pat's out of sight, he's soon to be out of Jonna's mind. Especially if he keeps blowing off her calls. You just know girl won't like flying solo for long, so what do you think's gonna be her next move? Some bed-hopping starting Episode 11? A bit of groveling to Matt? Nervous Breakdown City? Tell us your predictions!