Double Date From Hell! Inside The RW Love Square

Holy uncomfortableness! In one of the worst thought-out plans in Real World history (except for, you know, the threesome) Jonna, Pat, JR and Jasmine sat 'round the dinner table for some fine Tuscan fare and predictably awful conversation. So what was on the menu for tonight? Awkward pauses with a side of inappropriate put-downs. And for dessert: Emilee's not-so-revealing epiphany that Pat's an immature jerkass (NO!) who still gets his kicks out of torturing Jas.

But while Emilee placed the blame squarely on the DJ's evil (if scrawny)  shoulders, we're wondering if Jonna isn't as innocent as that freespirted/vaguely Aunt Jemima-ish bandana would have you believe. From what we saw, girl wasn't doing much to help put Jasmine and JR at ease, either. ('Member when she ran out of the room giggling after Jasmine politely extended the invitation? Yeah, not cool.)

+ Think Pat's mostly to blame for the dinner debacle? Or does his latest RW hookup serious gf Jonna deserve equal credit? Meanwhile, props to Em for getting through the meal ... without "accidentally" spilling her wine all over Pat's crotch.