HOJ Poll: Is Jazmin Cool Under Pressure?

Last week, Jazmin endured moody models, a no-alcohol scare and the lecherous giggles of the old guys at the button store. This week, she had so many things on her plate it made our heads spin. Fabric-eating moth? Check. Stubborn model friend with hot pink highlights? Check. A near-disastrous model casting, a nonexistent Look Book, a zillion labels to sew and a totally stressed-out mom? Quadruple check.

+ Think Jazmin kept it together while trying to get everything done in time for Fashion Week? Or was her mom right when she said Jaz's eyeballs were locked in the upright/rolled position? Take our poll and tell us whether Jazmin's doing a good job keeping her stress in check.

You tell us: Does Jaz work well under pressure?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Won't know till we see the show!

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