VIDEO: Steph Pratt's French Skills Are Put To The Test AGAIN

Remember that cringe-worthy episode of The Hills in which Kelly Cutrone a.k.a. Scary Boss Lady invited Stephanie Pratt to People's Rev for an internship interview ... and then quickly proceeded to skewer her like a shrimp kabob? Of course you do, that moment was hard to forget. And if your memory is as clear as ours, you'll recall that Cutrone tested Steph's proficient French skills (as stated on her resume) with some unreciprocated parlez vousing.

Well, during today's It's On with Alexa Chung, Steph made a point of admitting that she's actually more well-versed in 'Franglais,' an English and French hybrid that's commonly used by natives of France. Yet when put to the test by the show's practically fluent host, Pratt barely got a word in edgewise. Foiled again! Check out the entire interview to hear Stephanie come thisclose to proving she's a Franglais expert, plus get her reaction to Heidi's Miss Universe Pageant performance and the new division between the female cast of The Hills (to be witnessed on the much-anticipated Sept. 29 premiere!)

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