MHB Poll: Was J. Free Too Hard On Lynette?

In the beginning, it was sweet. Lynette gushed about J. Free's eyes, teased him with her predictions of the future and giggled like a schoolgirl when Maureen asked whether she and Jason were "vibing." But after one drunken night out (where Lynette pawed him like a piece of meat), things turned sour -- and Jason shot Lynette down with all the gentleness of an ax murderer.

+ Think he was too harsh in telling her this ain't NEVER gonna happen? Or was he right to make the message clear as day? Take our poll and tell us whether J. Free should've tried a little harder to spare Lynette's feelings.

You tell us: Should J-Free have let Lynette down easy?

  • Yes. He could've tried to be tactful. (Or at least done it in private!)
  • No. She came on strong, he came back stronger. All's fair ...