Aubrey O'Day vs. Heidi Pratt: Who Looked The Best Undressed?

Hills star Heidi Pratt couldn't be happier with how her Playboy spread turned out. (Girl's even taken to carrying the mag with her wherever she goes!) But fellow MTV star and Playboy vet Aubrey O'Day sez that Heidi's pics were a total snoozefest. At least, compared to her own provocative peepshow.

"I don't know, I think [my pics are] still the winner," O'Day said of Heidi's spread. "You know, you can take a million pretty pictures," she told MTV News, "but it's like: Which pictures are really going to stand out and be iconic, and which pictures are just pretty pictures that are here today, gone tomorrow?" (Watch out, Heids -- dem's catfightin' words!)

Think Aubrey's R-rated shots were sizzlin'? Or did Heidi's more conservative approach give her the edge? Take one more look at both girls' pix, then help settle this Bunny showdown once and for all!

You tell us: Who had the hotter 'Playboy' spread?

  • Aubrey O'Day
  • Heidi Pratt