Move Ya Body To Diddy's New 'Lectro Black' Mixtape

Diddy's talked a lot about his futuristic new sound on Making His Band. And from what we've seen of Puff (and Dirty Money) in the studio, Last Train to Paris won't be like anything he's ever done before.  So when's he hitting us with the new album? Not til late next month, but he's giving fans a sneak peak of his alter ego, "Lectro Black," right now, with a brand-new techno/house mixtape (featuring DJ Felix Da Housecat).

Download "Lectro Black -- Last Train to Paris" for free then tell us whether you're down with Diddy's electro beats. But don't go in expecting "that commercial crowd pleasin' a**-kissin" shiz. This time, the Bad Boy's after your "motherf---in' soul." Hey, like he said on this week's MHB: "you have to actually be crazy to be a winner."

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