Two Guys Left! Does RW: Cancun Need Another Dude?

Joey's gone. Bronne split. Even Lupa (the disembodied cornrows chick) is swimmin' with the fishes. Yep, in two short weeks, we've gone from an 8-person funhouse -- and an even guy-girl ratio -- to a snoozy, 4-gal sixsome. And we're thinking the RW: Cancun digs could use a little more testerone.

C'mon, think about it. These girls aren't allowed to watch tv, listen to the radio or surf the web. They're allowed to go to clubs but not get drunk. And they're living with a snippy gay guy and a dude who makes Dwight from The Office look smooth. They're bored out of their frickin' minds! No wonder that freakishly dull Canadian suddenly seems like a prize worth fighting over.

Then again, throwing a new guy into the mix isn't always a game-changer (remember Nick from RW: Hollywood? We don't!). But hey, with Bronne chatting up stray dogs and living in Casa de Crap, we'll take all the extra help we can get.