Are You Down With Jazmin's Designs?

We liked Jazmin pretty much from the moment we laid eyes on her. But as we watched her sketch, scout out Coco Chanel-inspired buttons and fend off PMS-y models, all we could think was yes, but can the girl design!? Turns out, she's got it covered. Not only was the show was a HUGE hit (L.A. Fashion Week, here we come!) but it was almost as entertaining as watching Jazmin's Sicilian grandma force-feed the models!

But what'd you guys think -- were you down with her retro-chic designs? Take another look at Jazmin's Spring/Summer line (the show kicks off around the 4:30 mark) and sound off on her style!

What did you think of Jazmin's designs?

  • Amazing! I'd totally wear them.
  • Fun, but not exactly my style.
  • Haven't made up my mind yet.

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