Who Knew Vanessa Was Such A Happy Camper!?

When we first heard Angela and Vanessa were going camping, we (admittedly) had our doubts. But while their cooking could use a little work (FYI, that is NOT how you make fried fish!), we think the girls actually did great. Especially considering Vanessa's idea of "roughing it" still includes a crimping iron.

And while Danielle's name might've come up once or twice (or three times, counting Jess/Brian's surprise visit), the girls managed to put the drama aside to focus on more important things. Like how to start forest fires -- and bat their eyelashes at the friendly park rangers.

And, sure, they cut a few corners here and there (i.e. bringing their own salads/camping trailers), but for the most part, Angela, 'Ness and the girls got down with nature. And thanks to Lynn, a.k.a. "the human GPS," they even made it home in one piece!