Starmaker Standouts: Let's Hear It For The Girls!

There was a lot of talent on the Starmaker stage tonight, but in the end, the judges singled out David B. and Melody as the evening's top two performers. And as much as we enjoyed their sets (particular Mel's electrifying vershe of Pink's "So What"), we're not 100% sure we agree.

No offense to David B., whose Gavin DeGraw was solid, if not exactly earth-shattering, but we thought the girls outperformed the guys hands-down, particularly Liz (who almost made us like country), Lauriana (who did Duffy proud) and Marissa (who sang the you-know-what outta Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love"). So who was our fave male contestant? That'd be Omotayo, a.k.a. Big Sexy, whose silky smooth vocals helped him hit it out of the park (despite his pelvic thrust-themed "choreography").

+ Think the judges had it right? Or did Liz and Big Sexy deserve to be in the top two? Tell us which Starmaker contestants you think have the most star (and Bad Boy Records) potential!