Pregnant And Still Sexy: The Layla Kayleigh Story!

You might've noticed that ABDC's backstage correspondent Layla Kayleigh has grown quite the belly since Season 3 (and if you didn't, you're blind), but don't think it's got anything to do with Hostess snack cakes. Nope, Kayleigh's got a BUN-IN-THE-OVEN, and we sat down with the sexy co-host to fish for some details.

Although this was a planned pregnancy, Layla told us she didn't think it would happen so fast! "There are people that try for so long, but with us it was like 'BAM'!" When we asked about the baby's gender she said, "We are keeping it a surprise ... but I have a feeling I know what the sex is, if my dreams are any indication."

The biggest difference in her body that Layla's experienced while being pregnant? "My boobs and my butt! Holy moly, they won't stop growing," she exclaimed. "My guy loves it, but I can't fit into any of my undergarments." And just in case you're worried about her hormones running amok during showtime, Layla relayed that she actually finds herself to be a lot more chill than she was before. "And a lot more patient, which was never my [best] virtue!"

Layla's now entering her third trimester and is due sometime in November.