ABDC Ep. 2 Highlights: Dancin' Cops And A Flying Cowgirl!

Last night's show taping was nothing short of entertaining! The audience was packed with ABDC alumni (video to come on Monday!) who were brought to their feet on more than one occasion. Here are some deets you can look forward to seeing on Sunday's airing.

- One crew pays homage to the late Michael Jackson by throwing into their routine an iconic "Thriller" move.

- An all-male crew wears some of the shortest shorts since Fanny Pak's gym challenge performance.

- Shane Sparks tells one crew that they are the "sexiest females to ever grace the stage!"

- A female dancer is tossed over 15 feet into the air! (Take that, Do-Knock!)

- And finally, a crew dressed as cops comes out with guns blazing!