Our Top 10 Moments In The Famed Life Of Spencer Pratt

Today isn't JUST the day Heidi Pratt's scandalicious Playboy hits newsstands across the country. It's also her hubby Spencer Pratt's 26th birthday! And since everyone loves a celebration, we decided to pay tribute by remembering some of Spencer's all-time prattiest moments. Unbelievably, we've narrowed it down to our top 10. After all, who could forget the time he...

1. Survived his first fake-pregnancy scare.

2. Referred to LC as the "Queen bee-otch."

3. Punched Stephanie's ex-boyfriend Cameron in the face.

4. Complained that Heidi's sister Holly was interfering with his TiVo time.

5. Announced the he was too famous for I'm A Celebrity.

6. Got into a feud with Late Show host David Letterman.

7. Got into a feud with Today show weatherman Al Roker.

8. Popped the question ... three different times!

9. Made his future mother-in-law cry.

10. Finally married his bedazzling bride! In front of family, friends ... and Lauren Conrad.

Happy b-day, dude! And thanks for the memories. Hope you have fun unwrapping your present(s).