Cowboy Hats Off To ABDC's Southern Movement!

Love it or hate it, Southern Movement's combo of down-home duds and hip-hop streetwear is here to stay ... at least for a few more days. Yesterday afternoon, we hung out with the crew, and spokesman Kemmian Beard told us that the guys are proud of their eclectic style. "We can rock Nikes with a cowboy hat and designer jeans because it's stylish," said Beard. "It ain't cheesy like a lot of people say," fellow crew member Todd Anthony added. "It's who we are, which is a perfect blend of the two most successful types of music out there -- country and hip-hop."

And according to Kemmian, you ain't seen nothing yet. "We played up the country thing for the first episode, but this week everyone is going to see our hip-hop side," he said. So, while many of the ABDC fans that live on the coasts don't seem to relate to the oversized buckle-donning crew, the guys think they've got what it takes to make those viewers come around. Do you?