RW: Cancun Poll: Is Jonna Movin' In On Jasmine's Man?

Imagine you're Jasmine. You're living in Cancun, everyone around you's hooking up left and right and all you wanna do is bang the cute Canadian DJ. And even though he's blown you off more times than you can count (dude might as well have clobbered you over the head with a He's Just Not That Into You DVD), you can't seem to get over the feeling that something. WILL. Happen. Eventually.

If only it weren't for that fun, flirty life-ruiner, Jonna.

Sure, she SAID she had your best interests at heart. But from what we saw of her romantic din din with Pat platonic non-date, she was backstabbier than Regina George at a Mean Girls convention. (Unless telling your friend's crush she's an immature boozehound is considered a compliment these days?)

So did Jonna violate Girl Code by cozying up to Pat? She doesn't seem to think so, but based on those scenes from next week's episode (OMGSHEKISSEDHIM!), we're thinking Jas was at least right to be suspicious. But was she right to be angry? Take the poll and tell us whether you're on Team Jasmine, Team Jonna or Team Seriously, I Just Don't Give A Crap.

Is Jonna moving in on Jasmine's man?

  • No. If Jonna and Pat wanna hang out, it's none of Jas' business.
  • Yes. Pat's Jasmine's man crush and she can cry if she wants to.