DG Wars! Should Angela Keep Her BFF On A Tighter Leash?

You know the old saying: three's company, four's a crowd? Well, the Daddy's Girls house just got roommate numero quatro, and she hasn't wasted any time making herself at home. First, girl borrows the toothpaste without asking (Vanessa might've overreacted, but still!) and THEN she follows up by bringing home a dog? No wonder 'Ness was so suspicious of this Danielle chick!

Still, it's not entirely the Dog Whisperer's fault. After all, Angela's the one who tried to sneak her past Vanessa in the first place! Plus, she totally okayed the puppy plan! (Note to Angie: From now on, you only get ONE unwanted houseguest per week!)

+ Think Angela's responsible for Danielle's bad behavior? Or is Vanessa being overly harsh on her new houseguest? Tell us whether you think Danielle's on the verge of wearing out her welcome!