Clubfoot, Shmubfoot! MM's JD Rainey Was Born To Dance

On last Sunday's ABDC, we learned a little bit about Massive Monkees' JD Rainey's birth defect, but we wanted to hear more. So we sat down with JD to get his personal history and find out how far he's come over the years.

"[From] birth to the age of five, I had braces on my legs," JD tells us. "The bone tissue wasn't forming right and the bone in my ankle was very rubbery." As a result, the future MM had to wear corrective boots, that could be loosened and tightened (like braces for teeth) til his clubfoot literally straightened out.

"I really don't have many memories of that time of my life 'cause I was so young," adds JD. "My mother actually had to sit me down when I was around ten to tell me what I had gone through as an infant because I wanted to take up karate."

And from there, JD never looked back. In addition to joing the Monkees, JD went on to earn a black belt in martial arts, excel in multiple sports and become a personal trainer. "[ABDC] is something I was specifically meant to do ... miracles do happen," he says. But are JD and the Massive Monkees 'meant' to take home the title? Guess we'll find out soon enough.

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