ABDC Ep. 2 Challenge: Bring On Da Beyonce!

Over the past three seasons, Dance Crew has celebrated Michael's, Janet's, Missy's and Britney's music -- and now we're finally ready for her jelly. Ring the alarm, y'all! It's time for Beyonce week! Similar to past artist-themed episodes, the crews have each been given a Beyonce song to perform to, plus Beyonce's issued out individual challenges based on each video's original choreography. Here's what you can be on the lookout for this week:

RHYTHM CITY "Sweet Dreams" - Must update "the Charleston," which is featured in the video.

WE ARE HEROES "Single Ladies" - Take the section of the video known as "the wind" and blow us away with their own version.

ARTISTRY IN MOTION "Diva" - Perform with chains incorporating the entire crew.

VOGUE EVOLUTION "Deja Vu" - Perform African-style dancing within their routine.

AFROBORIKE "Beautiful Liar" - Work exotic Shakira-like moves into the routine.

MASSIVE MONKEES "Work It Out" - Dance with hula hoops without accidentally dropping them.

SOUTHERN MOVEMENT "Jumpin' Jumpin'" - Bust out all the moves from the video with new creativity.

BEAT YA FEET KINGS "Crazy In Love" - 'Booty Pop' with never-before-seen flare.