Breaking: Lauren Conrad Is Still Your Fave Reality TV Star!

There were more than a few surprises at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards. And while we weren't expecting to see Miley Cyrus work the pole (or Spencer Pratt lose the Choice Villain honors to Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass Ed Westwick), we kinda had a feeling Lauren Conrad would take home the Choice TV Female Reality Star title again. And we were right!

Yep, despite walking away from the reality TV spotlight to focus on fashion, writing and (of course!) her bf Kyle Howard, LC still managed beat out fellow femmes -- like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton -- for the win, AND helped score another "Choice TV Reality Show" victory for The Hills. (Take THAT Jon & Kate!)

Lauren? Just wanted to say congrats! Guess it's safe to say you've still got that "star" quality! Now, if only there were some way you could take that talent to the big-screen ... (OH. RIGHT! There is!)