VIDEO: RW Cancun's Jonna Is Ready To Rock N' Roll!

Apparently, Jonna's long-distance boyfriend, Matt, isn't the only one who thinks she's a little bit flirtatious. According to LMFAO, girl's got fun n' flirty down to an art form. (And, FYI, it doesn't hurt that she's smokin' hot.) But ANYway, when Redfoo needed a "love interest" for LMFAO's new video, natch he thought of his favorite Real World: Cancun cutie. Hope the boys let Jasmine down easy!

Meanwhile, with all the sexcapades going down in Cancun, it's hard to keep track of who's bangin' who. (Or, for that matter, what the word "bangin'" actually means.) Fortunately for us, LMFAO's Redfoo just HAPPENS to be a bona fide sexpert. After the jump, find out the difference between banging and boning once and for all! Bonus: The mental pictures last a lifetime.

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