ABDC's Odd Couple: Are Vogue Evolution Swingin' With Da Monkees?

To keep things simple, production randomly pairs crews up on similar schedules so that they end up sharing van rides and meal times during the week. And given the diversity of this year's crews (in terms of style, dance and personality), that's resulted in more than a few odd couples. So how've the hard-hitting B-boy crew, Massive Monkees, enjoyed being paired up with the confidently effeminate Vogue Evolution? Surprisingly, they say it's a match made in heaven.

"It's been great sharing a van with all of them. We get along perfectly," JD Rainey of MM told us. "They aren't full steam all the time and we aren't your typical B-boys. We don't have to act hard like a lot of B-boy crews do ... we can get along with anyone." Well, that explains why these two crews have been spotted having friendly dance-off competitions against each other on more then one occasion. Don't be surprised if Leiomy's signature shablam move ends up in a Massive Monkees performance one day as a friendly shout-out!