Paris' New BFF, Stephen: 'I Did NOT See It Coming!'

We knew it! We just KNEW that Paris would realize the error of her ways and crown Stephen her bestie on tonight's finale of BFF! Actually, we didn't ... but we prayed it would happen. And thankfully, even in Reality TV-Land, there are still some happy endings. Check out the blushing bridesmaid's update below to find out how he and his new best friendzie have been bonding since the show wrapped...

Ahhhhhhh! Can you believe it!? I'm Paris' new BFF! It seems like I've been in "somebody pinch me" mode forever ... and it feels so, so good now that everyone can finally know how everything turned out!

The night of the finale was magical. I (along with everyone else) assumed that my BFF Journey had ended. I was very excited to be in the finale and watch as either Tiniecia or Stefanie was crowned the new BFF. I remember when we pulled up in front of Paris' grandparents' house, Desirae turned to me and said, "So how you gonna feel when Paris calls your name tonight and says she wants you to be her new BFF?" I laughed it off and said, "Yeah, right." Little did I know what would happen an hour later.

That moment when Paris said "I think I made a mistake," I remember some of the cast whispering "Stephen ... Stephen ... Stephen." And when Paris looked at me and said, "I want you to be my new BFF," my whole body started tingling. I was in absolute shock. I think my knees even gave out a little! I did NOT see it coming! It was the most surreal and crazy moment of my entire life -- and the fact that all the other BFFs were so supportive and happy for me meant the world to me.

Later that night, after all was said and done, the BFFs and myself checked into a hotel. Obviously I shared a room with Tiniecia, my baby. We ordered a bunch of room service and hugged, and she told me she was proud of me and that Paris made the right choice. So SWEET! After we finished eating, I hopped in the shower still wearing my new "BFF" necklace. When I got out, I went over to my phone and saw that I had 1 new text message -- and it was from Paris. As I opened it, I was sooo nervous, so excited. My first text from my new BFF read "I love you so much. Sweet Dreams My New BFF." I immediately thought, "OMG. It's real. She means it." So many people tried scaring me and everyone else by saying "Paris doesn't really want a BFF, it's not real."

Guess what? It's REAL.

Ever since that wonderful night, Paris and I have ALWAYS kept in touch. She goes out of her way to make sure that the people she loves know that she loves them. When she was in Dubai, I would wake up at 4am to texts sent from her (cause of the time difference) saying stuff like "Miss you" or "You're so cute and hot!" Seriously, she makes me feel on top of the world, and that's exactly what I want to do for her.

I will always be there for Paris. I will always protect her, listen to her and do anything I can to make sure she knows just how amazing of a human being she is. Our friendship means the world to me. Money, fame and superficial things could never get in the way. Paris is why I came to BFF, and that's it. I'm content with my life. I have everything a 24 year old Gay Guy could want: great friends, an amazing family and Paris Hilton as my BFF.

I never would have thought out of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people that I would be who Paris wanted as her new BFF. I am the luckiest person in the entire world and I will always always always appreciate it. This is a dream come true, and I'm so excited for our BFF journey to begin! Here's to an amazing friendship! I love you, my new BFF!