16 And Pregnant's Whitney: 'Owen Has A Genetic Liver Disorder'

On tonight's 16 and Pregnant, we met Whitney and Weston, two young adults up against a lot of hardships on their journey to parenthood. Thankfully, their living situation has now improved -- yet the worrying hasn't stopped altogether. Below, Whitney catches us up on her and Weston's life with Baby Owen...

I have to say, being pregnant made me a better person -- I'm way more considerate of other people and what they're going through. The world doesn't revolve around me! At the same time, I've also learned not to care what people think.

Being filmed for the show was a very different experience and took some time getting used to. Strangely, it made me notice how softly I talk because the crew was always saying so.

I felt self-conscious about my looks a lot -- my face was so swollen and chubby at the time. I didn't even want see myself on the show! At times, I also felt like it portrayed me as a 'redneck. I guess my family can be at times, but I'm not. I'm like the black sheep of my family.

There were times I just wanted the cameras to go away, like when things got really hard and I was hurting real bad ... or when my memaw was embarrassing me! But on the other hand, I'm glad I decided to be filmed because when my son and baby brother get older they can watch this and look back.

Since taping wrapped, things have been really good. We moved, we're getting a car soon and I'll be starting college this year! Unfortunately, I cant seem to find a job, but other than that life has been great!

Weston is a wonderful father. He helps out, but it's basically me taking care of Owen full time -- like I'm the one who gets up at night and everything. But Weston helps me when I need him :)

Sadly, Owen has a genetic liver disorder, so I worry about that a lot. When I was pregnant, I never even considered that something could be wrong with him. Still, he's just like a normal baby but his liver will swell up from time to time.

There are things I wish I would have done better throughout my pregnancy, like eat healthier and stressed less, but overall I'm really happy with the decisions I made, as well as where we're at now.