Supreme Soul's Bionic Reacts To Michael Jackson's Death

We here at MTV are extremely saddened by Michael Jackson's untimely death, and in tribute to the King of Pop, the network has been running his videos non-stop. We've also been reaching out to celebrities who knew (and practically worshiped) MJ.

But what about the regular Joes -- the fans like you and us -- who have also been extremely affected by his passing? How will we celebrate his life and remember his legacy? We couldn't think of anyone better to answer that question than some of the members of America's Best Dance Crews from seasons past. First up: Supreme Soul's Bionic.

"Michael's effect [on the music industry] has been historical. He is a pop icon and paved the way for many pop artists. If it wasn't for Michael, dance, pop music and performance would be so much less extraordinary.

Michael gave a new feeling to performance and dance. He chose the best dancers to represent alongside him. I remember as a kid wanting to be one of those dancers. My teachers (The ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS) were his teachers, and it's an honor to say I got the same popping training that he did. All I ever wanted to do is be a great performer like him.

Michael made his performances EPIC. He would outdo anyone on the performance tip. His music was high energy and expressed pure emotion. When you danced, you felt what he was singing about.

I remember hearing "Beat It" for the first time ... That was the song. Watching all the poppers in it was crazy.

The reason why Michael was a POP ICON is because he hit the masses. He was on a GLOBAL SCALE. That's pure artistry... He transcended barriers."

Jonathan "BIONIC" Bayani


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