REWIND! How'd Strong, Single Whitney End Up Back In Jay's Arms?!

Yesterday, Whitney Port went on this independence kick about how she's totes over Jay Lyon, and enjoying being single and all about new people and new experiences. So when we saw pix of Whit holding hands (arms? pockets??) with some dude the next day, we weren't particularly surprised. Until we realized that guy was Jay.

Now we're not what you would call body language experts, but judging by the guilty expression on Whit's face (and, hellooo, the hand-holding!), these two are looking awfully cozy for a couple of people who USED to date. Just sayin' ...

Related side note: In an unfortunately timed "scoop," Page Six is claiming Whit's totally over "hipster musician Jay Lyon"! How do they know this? Because Whitney and her "new man" were spotted holding hands last weekend. WTF?!

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