Hills (SPOILER) Poll: What'd You Think Of L.A. Candy?

In case you didn't know (or knew, but in your extreme over-excitement, totes forgot), Lauren Conrad's new novel, L.A. Candy, came out last week. And the book hadn't been in stores more than 24 hours before we'd downloaded it to our Kindle, read it from start to finish (what? sleep is sooo overrated!) and heaved a satisfied sigh as we turned the last pages in what we're convinced is The. Best. Reality-Inspired. Fiction. EVER.

Okay, okay, so we're slightly biased (being obsessed with Everything LC Does and all), but we totally, legitimately LOVED it. And, natch, we wanna hear how you guys felt about poor, sweet Jane and her gorgeous, smart-assy roomie/hot, commitment-phobic love interest/blonde, publicity-starved nemesis!

So take our poll and tell us whether you hearted/hated it, then sound off about anything/everything in the comments. (P.S. Anyone else love the beyond byotchy boss who turns into a total sweetheart/glamorpuss in front of the cameras?)