Single Gal Whitney Port: It Was Time To Let Jay Go

Some girls see being single as a curse. Others see it as the best way to spend your 20s.

Not surprisingly, The City's Erin Lucas loves to play the field. But how does her friend/costar Whitney Port feel about being unattached? Well, after breaking up with Jay Lyon at the end of Season One, she's been doing some minglin' of her own!

"[I]t's just fun to meet a lot of people, to date around, to figure out what you really want and what really works for you," Whitney told yesterday. Her advice to other singles? "Try not to over-analyze things" and "be open [to] all different types."

As for rumors that she and Jay are still dating (or are even friends), Whitney confessed that it's not always easy to stay super close post-split.

"I'd never say we're, like, not friends, but you know, the past is the past," she admitted. Translation? Girl's moved on.

"[I]n an ideal world, of course you want to stay friends with your exes," Whit explained. "I mean, there was something there. There was a reason you liked each other in the first place! But you know," she added, "the world isn't always perfect, and sometimes we have to let people go and move forward, and sometimes you can't do that if you're still having a relationship -- even if it's just as friends."

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