16 And Pregnant's Amber: 'I Have No Regrets'

Amber and Gary had their fair share of disagreements before Leah was born, but tonight's 16 and Pregnant couple says they're now going strong and working hard to give their daughter the best life possible. Check out Amber's update below!

Life is so much more interesting since Gary and I had Leah! Being a young mother has changed me for the better, giving me a greater push to succeed so I can provide my daughter with an amazing life. I really want her to have less worries than I did when growing up.

Being filmed while pregnant didn't bother me -- except for waking up in the morning to the cameras (ha ha)! Otherwise I wasn't self-conscious about how I looked, or anything else. I was pregnant, so of course I was going to gain weight!

Since the cameras left, I've been dealing with young motherhood on a daily basis. It's been an amazing journey, and I feel great about how my family is growing and learning together! I have no regrets about any of my decisions. Throughout my pregnancy, I tried my best to keep healthy, especially with my diabetes. My baby girl is now happy, full of life and learning fast -- and my job as a teen mom is going really well. I still have the same dreams of also being a cosmetologist and will hopefully have more time to put into it soon. I can't wait for the future!