Tag-Team! Bronne And Joey Start Cancun Off With A Bang

We've seen a lot of crazy shiz go down on The Real World (from freaky foursomes to wasabi tears to public urination), but tonight's RW: Cancun premiere marks the first EVER mother-daughter tag team in the show's 22-year history. And none of it would've been possible if it weren't for Joey's sluttishness (Etch-A-Sketchiness?) and Bronne's impossibly low standards.

Okay, okay, fine, so Courtnee and her cougarish/Sharon Osbourne-y mom played a role in all this, too. But mainly it was Bronne, and his unflagging committment to booze (and gross-out comedy) that did the trick. And so, in honor of tonight's generation-spanning hookup, we'd like to present Bronne with the first annual "You Kissed An Old Lady And You Liked It" award.

Congratulations, dude! You totally showed that Jonna chick what she's missing. Cuz nothing says "Dump your boyfriend and sleep with me!" like groping a fifty-something soccer mom in a room full of drunken college kids. Monogamy. It's for suckers!