Is CJ The Real 'Heartthrob' Of RW: Cancun?

Bronne didn't waste any time nicknaming CJ the "Heartthrob" of the house. Then again, Bronne also smooched an old lady (and bragged about freaking out the chicks in his Life Drawing class), so, really, what does he know? Thing is, we're more into slutty rocker guys (Joey, call us!), adorable gays and class clowns whose names remind us of quilted paper towels. Plus, we're TOTALLY not feeling CJ's new cornrows (which, BTW, are giving us major MJ flashbacks).

+ Think CJ's All-American good looks are enough to warrant the "Heartthrob" title? Or do his creepy new braids have you scoping out the competition? Take our poll and let us know which Real World stud has you ladies (and same-sex oriented men!) cuckoo for Cancun.