Cancun Poll: Which Real Worlder Would Be Your Best Friend?

Just one episode in, and we already know some crucial things about the Real World: Cancun roommates:

Joey's not boyfriend material. Or even someone who calls the next day. But give the guy a gold star for vowing not to get AIDS!

Emilee didn't get a perfect score on her SATs.

Bronne digs "mature" women. He's an equal opportunity tongue kisser.

If she has a promise ring permanently implanted in her finger, then you just know Jonna's got a piercing (ahem) south of the border.

CJ is soooooo psyched he's now single. (Dude, you called that love?)

Ayiiia and Jasmine are gonna get scrappy. Just you wait. As Jas said, "I've got Napoleon Complex Syndrome."

Derek won't get much camera time. Even-keeled is not a positive trait in terms of co-starring on the Real World.

(And just an aside: Hooters is apparently the place to build a career in times of recession.)

It's a little too early to tell which roommates will walk away from this experience as close friends, but we wanna hear from you: Who of these eight cast members would you want to share a room with most? Take the poll!