Get It, Girl! Erin Lucas Says 'Yes' To Body Art

Erin Lucas has never really been much of a conformist. So when she announced (on her Twitter page) that she was getting a tat, we figured it'd be something unique, (i.e. as opposed to a butterfly on her lower back or some scary Chinese letters that either mean "SERENITY" or "Suck It, Loser.") So what'd she decide? In the end, Erin went with a lightning bolt, in honor of her pop's legendary rock band, AC/DC!* Hey, guess that's one (very permanent) way of saying "Happy Father's Day."

*Yep, don't let her total down-to-earthiness fool you. Erin (real last name: Williams) is secretly rock royalty -- and the daughter of AC/DC base player Cliff Williams! And no, she doesn't want to talk about it.

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