Hot Shots: Rev Run Works Hard, Plays Even Harder

Rev Run may come across as tough sometimes, but he's really a big ol' softie. 'Specially when it comes to kids and giving back to the community. Yep, turns out Rev's charitable efforts aren't limited to donating Miley's excess Elmos to Goodwill. In his spare time, he and Justine have actually been hitting the streets (in matching tracksuits!), grabbing shovels and paint brushes and building playgrounds all around their 'hood.

Check these pix of Rev and the wifey braving the rain to build a Kool-Aid & KaBOOM! playground in da Bronx last Thursday. And all it took was some elbow grease, a healthy endowment from Kraft Foods and a willingness to get their hands dirty. (Diggy, Russy, hope you guys are taking notes!)