Run's House Poll: Did Jojo's Punishment Fit The Crime?

One thing we bet Run's House's Jojo will never forget after his tussle with the law: the look on Russy and Diggy's faces when he came home from the clink. Talk about disappointment. But while Rev Run's eldest son owed some tough apologies to his fam, dude got a gift from the court. "Disorderly conduct" -- a charge described by the Simmons' attorney as a "violation" and not a "crime," carries a sentence of, well, nothing really. No ankle bracelet, no trip to rehab ... more like a guilt trip and undeniable record of the time you were REALLY STUPID and decided to light a doobie near the police.

That said, we wanna hear from you: Think this slap on the wrist was a fair punishment for a first-time offender like Jojo, or do you feel like he got off too easy? Take the poll!