Sound Off: How'd Rev And Justine Handle JoJo's Arrest?

Getting a phone call in the middle of night (and hearing your kid's in jail) generally falls under the category of Every Parent's Worst Nightmare. But when Rev Run and Justine got word of JoJo's arrest, they resisted the urge to yell, scream and rip JoJo a new you-know-what. Instead, they jumped into action, getting JoJo out of jail, filling in the rest of the fam and calmly voicing their disapproval.

And after a little time (and an earful from Uncle Russell), JoJo was ready to acknowledge the severity of his actions. By the end of the show, he'd owned up to his mistakes, wholeheartedly apologized to Rev and made things right with his younger brothers.

So could Rev have come down harder on JoJo? Maybe, but then that's not exactly his style. And we're thinking after all these years, Rev's figured out when to lay into his son, when to lay off and when to shake his head and let his disappointment speak for itself.

But we wanna know what you think: Should Rev have ripped JoJo's head off for breaking the rules (and the law)? Or was he right to give JoJo time to reflect on how his actions affected the rest of the family? Let us know whether you think Rev came down too hard, too easy or just tough enough on his boy, JoJo.

+ For more info on JoJo's arrest -- and Rev Run's reaction! -- check out this MTV News story (originally posted May 11th, 2009).