LC Stands Behind Steph Pratt: I Think She's Very 'Brave'

When Stephanie Pratt told Us Weekly magazine about her struggle with bulimia, she predicted her Hills costars would be shocked by the news. But after they got over their initial surprise (no one from the show, not even Spencer Pratt, knew what Steph was going through off-camera), friends and castmates quickly commended Stephanie for seeking help and sharing her story.

"You never want to see someone you care about go through that," longtime pal Lauren Conrad told MTV News late last week. "We've all spoken to Stephanie and obviously we're there for her, supporting her. I think it was very brave of her to come forward and admit that she had a problem, and I think from here she's going to [continue to] work on that."

And Lauren wasn't the only one rallying behind Steph in her time of need.

"I love and support Stephanie," brother Spencer Pratt said in a statement to MTV News. "We all have our problems from time to time. But she's my sister and I'm always praying for her."

Meanwhile, Audrina Patridge, who says she was saddened to learn of Steph's battle with bulimia, admits she was completely in the dark about her friend's struggle. "I didn't know she suffered from bulimia at all," she told Access Hollywood last week. "I mean, it's really sad."

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