Hills Roundup: Is Kristin Cavallari Totes Misunderstood?

• Queen Bee Kristin Cavallari has a message for all you haters out there: "Who I am on Laguna Beach and The Hills is the complete opposite of who I am in real life." After spreading the word, K-Cav skipped off into the sunset, whistling "Kumbaya," smiled pleasantly and then dreamed up more ways to steal Audrina Patridge's ex-boyfriend. (Perez Hilton)

• Meanwhile, 'member when K-Cav and Heather Graham wore the exact same Herve Leger slasher dress? Well, now Heidi Pratt's getting in on the action. THREE WAY! (Metro UK)

• The good news is that Lauren Conrad's new book L.A. Candy is now in stores! The bad news is, you TOTALLY MISSED seeing LC in Barnes & Noble yesterday. Oh, and did we mention she stayed for hours until she'd met every single fan? Loves her! (Examiner)

• Earlier this week, Lo Bosworth (or someone pretending to be her?) tweeted about her date ... during it. But don't worry, Countess de Lesseps. She waited 'til he "went to pee" before whipping out her celly. (Lo Bosworth's Twitter, via E! Online)

Holly Montag has officially been bounced from I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, much to the disappointment of fake boyfriend/iconic hairperson, Sanjaya Malakar. (MTV News)

• 'Course, when one door closes, another opens! Speidi have announced that they'll be back for the I'm A Celebrity finale. And they've got enough dry shampoo for everyone! (MTV News)