VIDEO: Holly Montag Leaves Jungle An Accomplished Woman!

She came. She saw. She actually kicked some ass!

During Holly Montag's short stay in the Costa Rican jungle (the Hills star was voted off NBC's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! after one week), she managed to win the brittle heart of the camp's "crazy aunt," Janice Dickinson, strike up a BFF-ship (and maybe more?) with Sanjaya and even win the ladies in camp a proper plate of grub. All without praising Jesus once.

And now that Us Weekly's confirmed that both Speidi and Holly will return to the jungle for the finale of I'm a Celebrity!, we're giving y'all the perfect opp to brush up on anything you missed this past week.

Tune into MTV at noon on Sunday for a mini-marathon of this week's shenanigans, plus some tear-filled bonus footage like the video clip below, in which Holly confides during her exit interview how much she'll miss that really old dude from La Bamba.

BONUS: After the jump, Speidi claim they now suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post Dramatic Syndrome. How ya gonna tell us that's not brilliant?