The City's Olivia Palermo Joins Another MTV Show!

With guest appearances from Aubrey O'Day, Soulja Boy, Speidi and Bradley Cooper, premiere week of It's On with Alexa Chung was like a mini-VMAs here at Times Square's MTV studio. And the celebs we've got lined up for next week will stir up even more excitement, starting with everyone's fave City social, Olivia Palermo!

It seems like ages (teardrop) since we've seen Whitney receive some proper life coaching from 'Liv, or an expert lesson in celebrity styling, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that Alexa's a bit too "matchy-matchy" with her outfit on Monday or maybe (pretty please?) pop culture commentator Michelle Collins spits out one of her notorious  F-bombs. Ya know, just in case Miss Manners has something to say about it. (Note to Michelle: Extra points if you use the words c*** or di*** or ***face!)